Beware The Predator Personal Security Tradecraft

Beware The Predator Personal Security TradecraftBeware The Predator Personal Security TradecraftBeware The Predator Personal Security Tradecraft

   Learn the latest skills to improve your security awareness and prevent attacks against your assets and relationships.  

The Author

Mr. Holston is the Vice President of Technical Operations for BlackHorse Solutions and as a career Technical Operations Officer, he has worked throughout the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense, and defense industry for more than 30 years. He has served as a U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operator, a collection officer and senior manager in the Central Intelligence Agency, and a Subject Matter Expert for the Department of Defense U.S. Special Operations Command. Mr. Holston has managed and conducted counterterrorism, covert action, and technical collection operations worldwide. He was awarded the CIA’s Intelligence Commendation Medal and the Distinguished Career Intelligence Medal for “superior performance in the conduct of clandestine operations in the CIA.”


Lecture Series

Beware the Predator author Warren Holston is a seasoned public speaker who is accepting engagements on the following lecture series topics. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Personal Security Tradecraft and Awareness

Instead of trying to defeat the onslaught of technological exploitations with technology, we use traditional and practical security tradecraft techniques to reduce your exposure and enhance your security posture in both the physical and digital world. 

Behavior vs Technology

 Understand how the complexities of your everyday behavior influences what you look like online. Learn practical concepts — for the “Average Joe” and seasoned professionals alike — to better manage your online identity in an ever challenging digital world. 

Anonymity in the Deep and Dark Web

 Gain new insights into the Deep and Dark Webs, explore managed attribution (hidden) networks, and learn how bad behavior in the Dark Web can result in being compromised on the surface web. Discover how you can use the Dark Web to operate in anonymity. 

Deception as a Defense

 Learn how to use the concept of deception to enhance your security even when you have limited resources. Gain insights in how to use bias as an advantage when developing a security plan. Explore the application of deception techniques in your virtual world to protect your identity. 


 "Twenty-first Century technology, along with its many benefits, demands that we protect our personal security so it’s working for us - not against us.  The most effective approach is a systematic one, increasingly common in many fields, a checklist - a good one.  Beware the Predator contains an excellent approach – as clear as I’ve seen – to creating your own.  Try it." Peter Earnest Executive Director International Spy Museum 

 "Beware the Predator is a comprehensive collection of practical techniques essential to a solid foundation in personal security awareness. Mr. Holston has simplified complex tradecraft techniques in a way that gives the reader a significant and sustainable advantage over any predator whether virtual or physical. From senior executive to high school student, this book is for you." Matt Addington Retired Senior Executive, Drug Enforcement Agency and Former Director of the El Paso Intelligence Center, (EPIC) 

  "I completely enjoyed Warren D. Holston’s book, Beware The Predator: The American's Guide to Personal Security - What YOU need to know! Security is a 24/7 proposition. If more people took the time to understand the what, when and why’s of how the American people need to protect themselves from bad actors then Warrens’ book is a must have.  During my career, I too often experienced Americans falling victim to financial crime, cybercrime, identity theft and fraud schemes.  I have seen how Americans were constantly exploited by the ever present security threats that exist in today’s complex technical environments.  It is a pleasure to endorse this book as a baseline security guide for everyone who is interested in a good documented resource that will help them with their own personal security." Larry D Johnson CEO –Castleworth Global Former Special Agent in Charge, US Secret Service Criminal Investigative Division and Chief Security Officer at a Fortune 500 financial sector company

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